Aroma chemicals/ Methyl atrarate

Methyl atrarate

Various types of mosses have been used since a long time in fragrances (as infusion or powder) to provide long-lasting qualities ephemeral odors. But it was in the early 20th century that mosses came into fashion in a new way. New products were available (resinoids, concretes and absolute resinoid), new mosses were studied (the most famous and used is oak moss and tree moss - Oakmoss, Evernia furfuracea, Usnea barbata) and composition begun to unlock (although still not completely known). typical odor is given by the many acid related products, and the most famous is Methyl 3-methylorsellinate (10-25%), discovered around 1898. This is the famous evernyl (Givaudan), also known as Metra Mousse (Florasynth) or Veramoss (FIB). This product had to wait nearly a half century before starting using a single molecule. From the 60's it Represented the new molecule for modern chypre and fougere notes. Starting from the 60 that represented the new molecule to Cyprus modern Fougeré notes. Nearly all classic chypre notes of the 70 are based on very little evernyl and oak moss classics. Later in the 80s, when sophisticated classic chypre again became fashionable, moss tree saw is used oakmoss over to provide chypre note.

CAS no: 4707-47-5
Note: Base
Fragrance family: Woody, Leather, Moss, Green
Flash point: 139C
Shelf life: 2 years+
Transportation class: Not restricted​
IFRA conformity % levels:
3a/3b: 100
4a/4b: 100
11a/11b: 100